This brand new book from Shelley Olfert recounts the rare and raw story of the loss of one of Shelley’s beloved children, her 20 year old son, Jeremiah. This is her journey over the last six years and how one incredible creation helped her along that journey.

How do you go from tragedy and pain so indescribable…so incredibly deep…to triumph? Shelley has experienced just that. She has also truly experienced healing in her soul and she wants to share this truth with you. Shelley’s honesty and transparency are exactly what we need today.

If you are seeking true healing in your spirit, soul, and body, this book is for you. If you want just another bandage or feel good read, you’re not ready for this book yet.

Shelley’s tears and pain and this incredible experience of loss have put her on a journey to find truth and restoration.

She hopes you join her on this journey…                                               




I bought Shelley Olferts book. Read the entire thing in one sitting and I never do that. Ever. Can never make myself sit there that long to finish reading anything. I’ve read The Shack. It’s an incredible book. INCREDIBLE! I did not read it in one sitting.

Shelly’s book? I read it in one sitting.

I cannot explain her book. It truly is one of a kind. The power in it. The raw reality of her grieving. The tangible hope it gives. The questions answered. I’m so thankful I bought it as it made things that I questioned about loss finally make sense. Very healing.

I highly recommend it.

~ Gloria ~

Shelley is woman who understands how big Jesus is. Our path goes back many years to when I was a camp director and she was camper. Somewhere after those early years, she grew to understand Jesus at a depth far beyond mine. But she still liked hanging around with me at camps and I loved having her around even though the Jesus I knew was rather tiny in comparison to the Jesus she knew. So I got to loving her kids and eventually I had the great joy of taking her boys into the mountains on horseback.

In 2010 I didn’t realize that I was doing my last trip with 2 dearly treasured people, one of whom was her son, Jeremiah. It was such an honor and we had the grandest trip! Jeremiah was such an astonishing guy and I remember thinking he was a lot like having Jesus along! I wondered how a kid that young could be so wise and mature. He was always kind and so helpful. He wanted to know about your world, he loved the unlovely, he shared everything and gave a leg up to all. And his sense of humor was so good and so pure. Losing him was such a loss! To be involved, even in a lesser way, in their time of grief and loss was faith stretching for me. Later they supported us in our loss of our young granddaughter, Audrey. Since then my eyes have been opened in a new way to this Jesus I always loved.

I’m on a journey to learn a whole lot of stuff about Jesus that I never knew, and I’m 67 yrs old! But it’s amazing to sit with Shelley and with Brian, and now they teach me, and cheer me on! It is so much fun! Yes, Shelley’s book is amazing, and you must read it! But even more, today I commend to you the author of the book. She is a worthy woman who Jesus holds in very high esteem. She carries insights that come from going into deep places with Jesus. And she knows Jesus well!

~ Ed Warkentin ~

I’ve read this book and it is a must read. Thank you Brian and Shelly. Sometimes life takes you down a long dark road and we don’t know what is at the other end or even if you can keep going. Brian and Shelly have been down that long dark road and came out the other end. This book might help you take that next step, knowing you are not alone and whatever circumstance you are in there is a Heavenly Father out there that loves you for who are and wants to meet you where you are at.

 ~ Shane Gail ~

“Shinin’ Through” is a real page turner. Once you start reading it, it’s hard to put down. Author Shelley Olfert does a great an amazing job of telling her story. One often feels like they are in the moment and it’s hard not to experience all the emotions of the writer. The book is raw but real and and chronicles the journey of Shelley from the despair of losing a son to finding healing in a most unique and supernatural way. It’s left an indelible impression on me and I highly recommend it as a ‘must read’!

~ Roland Schlenker ~

Sometimes dark shadows fall. As I was seeking to strip them back and let the light shine in I knew in my heart that Shelley was the one to go to. Shelley has the gift of mentorship regardless of where she is. She took a terrified little girl and her mother and in 5 weeks threaded trust and confidence where only fear and trepidation lay. A new light dawned and tears turned to a smile which turned to laughter which turned into success!  I would gladly recommend Shelley’s book and life coaching to anyone, any age!

~ Amy Heyn ~

You may not know her, or may never have heard of her.

But you need to!! 

Here’s why!

Shelley is a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter and sister. She is a Kingdom woman. She is a woman of integrity, a woman of influence. She has a contagious spirit about her that young and old are drawn too. She is an authentic horsewoman, and speaks about her love of Faith, Family and horses passionately.

She is about as real and raw as you can get and she gives and gives because her desire is for you to be well in your whole being, Spirit, Soul and Body. You see, Shelley was broken, and even though she was a strong believer there was something she wasn’t believing.


She has been on a journey that she would never wish for any of you, and her journey is not over. She has experienced amazing blessings in her life, but she has also experienced tragedy that took her down to her bottom. The loss of her beloved son Jeremiah at the age of 20 years young. How do you recover from loss so deep, or can you? Her honesty and no nonsense approach is simply refreshing!

She is the author of her new book, Shinin’ Through, a journey from the shadow of darkness to a soul restored.
It’s her story from tragedy to triumph, and even though she say’s it’s not for everyone, I believe this is a must read for everyone!
She will captivate you with her stories and life lessons that she has learned over the years from one of the greatest teachers, the horse. You will laugh with her, cry with her and sense a connection like no other speaker you have ever heard. She is real, authentic, transparent and vulnerable. It’s what she gives. It’s her heart!! Not just emotions. She gives Value!

She wants you to get this, you need to get this. Why?

So you can live the life you were intended to live! A life of victory, and to walk out your Destiny!


Shelley has been around horses for over 40 years and one of her favorite things to do is teach foundation horsemanship!
Shelley credits her mentor and friend in horsemanship, the late Peter Campbell, for teaching her how to work a horse the right way! Peter would always say, “There is only one way to work a horse, you have to work from where the horse is at.”  This is absolute truth and foundation to Shelley’s horsemanship.

Shelley has also had the privilege of working with some larger herds in the last 18 years which she believes is beneficial to learning how to read and understand the horse. She wants to help the human with their horse. Shelley’s motto is “If you want your horse to change, change yourself first!”
Shelley Specializes in…

1. Groundwork
2. Building confidence with you and your horse, overcoming fear
3. A New Mindset! (not new horse!)


Shelley is a Certified  Equine Assisted personal development coach. She received her certification and training with Higher Trails, now associated with EAL (equine assisted learning) in southern Alberta.She herself has been on a personal journey of inner healing, and it was this amazing animal “the Horse” that God used  to speak to the depths of her soul. Shelley has a powerful knowledge and understanding of the horse, over 40 years. And being a truth seeker herself, she loves how they never lie, they always mirror the human they are with. 

Shelley has worked a lot with women in areas of marriage, youth, relationships, leadership, confidence building, goal setting, getting a New Mindset, as well as overcoming grief, depression and fears. Shelley is the coach that will build and encourage you to be who you were created to be! 
She believes there is a champion and assignment in everyone that is just waiting to be discovered.

Come discover the champion in you!


Brian and Shelley are excited to announce the beginning of Reno and building on to their small house so they can really do what they believe they were called to… “help the brokenhearted.” They know this is just the beginning of more building projects to come and hope to be able to house some clients this summer of 2019!! Kingdom Road Ranch is privately owned and operated by Brian and Shelley Olfert. It’s about helping the brokenhearted. 

And Brian and Shelley both have a heart for this as they themselves have experienced loss and brokenness. Their desire is to share and teach life changing principles that can help you go from tragedy to triumph! Specializing in relationships, health, and finances. Brian shares and equips the men how to be courageous and take there place as men, and Shelley teaches the women on there role and place in this some what confused world.

Invite Brian and Shelley together or separately to speak to your group about any of the following topics!

1. Broken Soul! How to get well?
2. Belief System! – How to know your foundation is solid?
3.Identity and Leadership!
4. Line of Influence!
5. Authority and Submission in our roles as men and women (not a swear word)

Horses are not needed for these talks but can be used if wanted. 



For more info, or to book any of these services; give Shelley a call or text 780-933-5618, or Brian at 780-402-1355, or fill out our contact form below!

If you want more than normal, more than a Band-Aid, and if you’re wanting and willing to learn and grow, then we are looking forward to hearing from you!


Keys of the kingdom of God in your relationships, health, and finances!


Fatherhood, and the benefits of coming under authority!


Restoration of the spirit, soul (mind, will, emotions) and body!